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Member Benefits
  • Before confirming the payment, please carefully check whether the product description, the amount and the combination of the selection are correct. Please do not negotiate the price after ordering.
  • After receiving confirmation, your order will be delivered within 3-7 working days. The delivery time will vary depending on your choice of shipping method. Bear in mind that deliveries are only made on working days, excluding Sundays and holidays.
  • The rainbow film for industrial/commercial use and laser reflective film material is mainly manufactured locally. The film pattern and reflective gloss color of each film product may slightly vary depending on the batch of raw material used. This is considered normal and does not indicate any defects.
  • Color ribbons are imported and each batch of raw materials may have some color differences. This is normal and does not indicate any defects. The color therefore cannot be selected.

Return Policy

  • According to the Consumer Protection Law, customers have the right to return the goods at any time during the seven-day grace period. The returned item must be unopened and in its original, complete packaging status (including: Internal and external packaging, no damage, accessories, gifts, etc.), so that the return can be handled without dispute. If there are missing accessories, manuals, or if the item was used, scratched, or unable to be recovered to its original state, we will not accept the return. (If you choose to pick up your order in person, it is not considered an online purchase and is therefore exempt from this regulation. Thank you for your understanding)
  • Please note that the 7-day grace period is NOT a trial period. If you have any doubts or disappointment, after you have received your item, please do not open it and contact our customer support as soon as possible to facilitate a friction-less exchange or refund process.
  • Please reconfirm that you have received the correct product after payment and before opening. There is no trial service available in this store. A full refund is not possible for reasons such as wrong purchase, unsuitable specifications, and unexpected results. Please use the mentality of "returning goods is very troublesome" to carefully evaluate your transactions. Once it happens, our service personnel will judge and implement the relevant measures according to the situation (rejection, conditional return).
  • The return process takes 5~7 working days (excluding shipping days), thank you for your patience!
  • When requesting a refund, please provide your bank information (bank code, branch name, account number, and account name) in order for us to complete your refund within 7 working days.
  • We will process your refund request within 7 working days after we receive and confirm the return order. A notice will be sent once the refund request is completed.
  • If an error not caused by the company leads to the necessity to return or exchange, such as filling in the order incorrectly, buying the wrong product, selecting the wrong combination, selecting the wrong size, etc., the buyer must bear the shipping cost when returning the item.
  • Unless the product is defective, cancellation, refund or exchange will not be accepted once payment is made.